Here are just a few pictures from events held at the Hannah House in the
past.  Click on any of them to get a better look.
Hannah House wedding receptions
The Hannah House receptions
Hosted by
Hoosier State Paranormal

On March 5th 2011 we got to know THE NEW CLASS. We were given the
opportunity to Investigate with the new class and listen to one of John Tenney's
amazing presentations all located at one of the most haunted places, the Hannah
House in Indianapolis, IN.
The Hannah House in cooperation with the 5th Virginia Historical
Group, held a Civil War Re-Enactment  Saturday July 9th and
Sunday July 10th. With demonstrations, a fashion show, showing
what it was like to have a funeral and mourn during the time, and
even a Tea Party as well. The event was amazing.  We truly
enjoyed ourselves. 5th Virginia was amazing! With the sound of
muskets shooting in the air, they truly made us feel like we were
back in the Civil War days. We can not wait until our next
Re-enactment! Sure to be fun for the whole family.  We will let
you know when we set one on the schedule!!
The Historic Hannah House was honored to welcome Master Pumpkin Carver Mark
Gasparovic and his family to the historic landmark.  
The Gasparovic family has been raising Pumpkins in Gosport Indiana for several
years.  They have decorative gourds, cornstalks, Jack-o-lanterns, and really big
pumpkins.  All items are for sale at well below average cost.  Most decorative gourds,
cornstalks, and Jack–o-Lanterns range between $.50 and $4.00.  The really big
pumpkins cost $.20 a pound.  The average weight of the really big pumpkins this year
is between 50 and 200 lbs.  The Gasparovic’s have grown pumpkins in excess of