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Throughout the year, we offer several events such as weddings, receptions,
Easter Egg Hunts and private paranormal investigations. Historic tours are
available to the public on a monthly basis to see the interior of the facility and
learn the rich history and its connection to Indianapolis.  The house is available to
rent for private parties and corporate functions - contact us today for your
reservation needs!

What makes the Historic Hannah House different? It is completely run by
volunteers whose sole purpose is the preservation and restoration of this historic

What is the story of the Historic Hannah House?

Local legend, as well as verifiable history, say when the house was built in 1858, it
was utilized as a passage for the
Underground Railroad.  One fateful evening a
small group of slaves, secretly traveling northward searching for freedom came to
the Hannah House seeking solace.  They were welcomed; given food to eat and
water to drink. The slaves felt for one moment they could rest before continuing
on their incredible journey.  Nestled in the straw-covered basement floor the light
of a single oil lantern, they dreamed of freedom and the opportunities that
tomorrow would bring.  Tomorrow would never come.

Tragedy struck that night.  While the group slept, the oil lantern was accidentally
turned over.  Its oil soaked the floor and flames ignited.  While some of the
courageous men, women, and children burned while they slept, others were killed
from the smoke inhalation. It is believed had any woken during the accident, they
would have chosen to die as opposed to returning to the life that slavery offered.

The next morning when Alexander Hannah, owner of the house, learned what had
happened and fearing retribution for assisting the Underground Railroad, he
buried the charred bodies in the basement. In doing so, Hannah hid the secret not
only to his participation, but also the identities of these courageous people.  
Some people believe when the bodies were hidden, it forever sealed their souls to
the house.  These poor lost souls still wandering and searching for freedom.  

Are you brave enough to venture on the grounds?
Are you brave enough to face the spirits of these lost souls.

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